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Building from scratch

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Last night Max and I did meet up at my place to build the songs for our upcoming record. After the issues, I described last week, we follow a slightly different approach for the drum tracks, which will be used to create the guitar dirt tracks. Basically we go through the song together and record the parts step by step.

Max tapping in some blast beats 😋

Max brought his guitar, I set up the technical equipment with Notebook + Audio Interface + Midi Controller. I handed Max the controller and we simply stepped through the song with it’s different parts. Max played basic drumparty with his fingers, I took these parts, did quantize them and copy & pasted them to the right length. Sounds a little bit like cheating, but the idea is not to fake what we can and will play, but to give us the right basis to play along in the right tempo.

Detailed view of tapping.

We will be back to the rehearsal room on Thursday to do some more rehearsing 😅