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Oooooh, long time no blog post on this page… sad but nothing to worry about. You might see the updates on instagram including picture, videos and sound snippets. Still I thought I quickly write down a few things on where we are and what will happen this year with Alpaca Staredown:

Our new rehearsal room

What should I say? We thought that we are done, as soon as our old rehearsal room contact got cancelled, but thanks to a few friends, we found a new home, which helps us grow and rehearse in ways, we never thought of! The room has a great atmosphere, we have a great PA (which took us to start singing) and we are allowed to have visitors. We took advantage of that and had our first “public rehearsal” as a band and could experience how the songs work in front of an audience. We also consider to have a “livestream concert” some time later in the year.

Being less instrumental

As mentioned above, we started trying to sing along to the songs. In the beginning just a few words or some shouting here or there, now with complete “full sized” lyrics to (currently) three songs. Lyrics are mostly written by Max, I also give it a try so one song is at least a collaboration of both of us, which gives it a nice touch, considering that we both sing at the same time.

New recording sessions planned

We did announce this already a few weeks ago on Instagram: We have enough material to start working on the next EP (or will it be an album?) – It’s a mix and match of instrumental songs, songs with vocals, some things we would consider an intro/outro… still working on the details and the order, but we are getting there. Next steps will be summer vacation with some preparation (getting new drumheads, planning the overall recording order, etc.) and we will try to be more vebose about the recording process in real time.

As you can see, we are busy in moving forward and we are both very confident, that you will hear more from us this year. Given the fact, that the “public rehearsal” did work out so well, we currently draft a technical rider and will start informing venues about us and that we want to play “outside”.

We will keep you posted, enjoy the summer!