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A long way to go…

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Note: This article has been written on the 27 October 2022 but dated back to the 13 October because this was the “official start” of the recording process.

Today we officially started with our work on the recording sessions after several attempts and rehearsals. Currently our plan is as following:

  • Record dirt tracks for almost all songs with a metronome in the background to stick to the timing
  • Setup the recording setup for the drums with our current equipment (some nice microphones & our Zoom H6, which can record up to six different mono channels)
  • Record all songs with drums only (Constantin will get the dirt track with the guitar and click on top for his ears)
  • Record the guitar on top of the drums (which might get a quick post production effect setup… volume, panning, noise gates)
  • Align the guitar on the drums (volume, basic effects)
  • Record the bass on top of the drums (that might happen at the same time as the guitar to be closer to the “real setup”, let’s see)
  • Mixing the basic instrumental setup (drums, bass, guitar) to have a nice and solid sound
  • Record vocals and additional overdubs (tambourine, more cowbell, clapping, whatever)
  • Get back to the mixing to refine everything and tune the sound, effects and overdubs
  • Master everything and done.

Not sure, how long this will take, but we try to be done in spring 2023, since we can only invest a few hours per week to get all done. Today we started with recording the first dirt tracks. After some back and forth with the different setups the following did work quite well:

  • We split up the wireless earbuds from Constantin between Max & Constantin, so both have one ear piece. Running a metronome on the mobile, so both have the click on one ear. The other ear is to listen to the guitar, which Max is playing and listen to the drums, which Constantin is playing on his Oktapad.
  • The Oktapad is a small e-drumset, which allows midi recording. It is connected to Constantins notebook, which runs the latest version of REAPER and records the single midi triggers.

Today we finished recording three songs (midi drums only).