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First issues 😅

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After we recorded the midi tracks for the drums for the dirt tracks (main reason is to have a clean dirt track, when it comes to timing and detail), I tried to trim them and sort them, so we can start recording the guitar dirt tracks on top of it. I failed miserably. 🙄

So basially the songs are pretty fine from the overall recording perspective, however we wanted to quantize the tracks before we go to the next step. It should be relativly easy, however maybe we did make some mistakes in the first place. To be more specific:

  • We took the basic midi notes, the Octapad sends to the DAW and simply recorded the notes.
  • The notes are good for playback with the Octapad, however this means, we always need a connected Oktapad to the notebook.
  • Using a virtual drumset (I own Superior Drummer) can be attached, but it plays the wrong samples.
  • In addition there are a few swings in the recording every now and then and since I am not used to midi notation and fixing single strokes digitally I feel a little overwhelmed in fixing single notes after quantisation. I also miss Max’ guitar sound to get the different parts properly in my head

Long story short I tried to repair the midi tracks and I did not succeed. Max and I will check back again next week to listen to the tracks and how / if they can be fixed, or if there might be a better way to build the dirt drum tracks. Maybe I am simply not calm enough to do this work. 😂